What Are The Precautions For Maintaining Lead-Acid Batteries?

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Forklift battery, truck battery, flat car battery, stacked car battery, tour car battery and so on are lead-acid battery, these are widely used in our life, such as logistics park, hospital, station, port, factory, tourist attractions will be used. 

So how to maintain and maintain forklift battery, truck battery, flat car battery, stacking car battery, tour car battery? Today Caloong to introduce the knowledge of lead-acid battery maintenance and maintenance.

Lead-acid battery electrolyte
Lead-acid battery electrolyte

Battery Electrolyte

When the battery electrolyte is consumed, only distilled water or deionized water can be added, but not diluted electrolyte.

Pay attention to the normal height of the electrolyte, do not let the plate and partition surface;

The electrolyte temperature shall not exceed the specified value of the battery manual, generally 45–55℃;

If the battery is used for a long time, in order to avoid excessive self-discharge and serious sulfation, it should be supplemented once a month.

It is important to note that, for high current discharge or just filled with distilled water lead batteries, do not immediately measure the electrolyte density.

When measuring the electrolyte density, the electrolyte temperature should be measured at the same time, and the measured electrolyte density value is converted to the density value at 20℃ according to the temperature gravity meter.

Lead-acid battery maintenance
Lead-acid battery maintenance

Battery Maintenance Methods

1. winter maintenance and use of battery should pay attention to aspects: winter use of lead battery, charging difficulties, should pay special attention to keep it in a state of sufficient electricity, so as to avoid electrolyte density reduction and icing, resulting in shell rupture, plate bending and active material fall off and other failures, charging machine has temperature compensation function, can avoid overcharging.

On the premise of no icing, the density should be as small as possible, generally not greater than 1.285g/cm3. If the distilled water is added in winter, because of the temperature bottom, it should be carried out when charging, so that the water can be mixed with the electrolyte quickly, thus reducing the risk of freezing.

2. Matters that should be paid attention to in the storage of the battery of the discontinued vehicle: for the temporarily unused lead battery, it can be used for wet storage storage.

The method is as follows: first, the lead battery is fully charged, and then the electrolyte density is adjusted to 1.240~1.280 g/cm3, the liquid level is adjusted to the normal height, and finally, the vent hole on the liquid filling mouth cover is sealed, placed in the dark room, and the power line is removed. Wet storage period shall not exceed 6 months.

During the wet storage period, it should be checked regularly. If the capacity is reduced by 25%, it should be replenished and charged immediately. It should also be fully charged before delivery.

3. The following maintenance work shall be carried out for the lead battery in use:

Check the battery shell for electrolyte leakage.

Observe whether the battery is firmly installed on the car, no displacement between each battery, and whether the connection between the wire connector and the lead battery is firm.

There should be no bad contact or oxide in the connection of each battery. Often remove the stolen goods on the lead battery cover, scrub the electrolyte on the lead battery cover with wet cotton yarn, remove the oxide of the pole pile and wire joint, 22 conditions, in the battery pole terminals, perforated connection bolts and other surfaces coated with white Vaseline oil, to prevent corrosion, so as to ensure reliable connection, close contact.

Dredge the air hole on the liquid filling mouth cover, and pay attention to keep the battery air hole unblocked at ordinary times. In the charging process of the battery, the distilled water in the electrolyte will be decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen, resulting in a large number of bubbles. These gases must be discharged through the vent. If the vent is blocked, oxygen and hydrogen will accumulate too much and damage the battery. In case of a spark, it will cause an explosion.

4. Precautions In the process of battery maintenance, the new and old batteries should not be used in series. Because the battery has been used for a period of time, some of its active substances have fallen off or the plate is partially vulcanized, so the capacity has decreased.

If the new and old storage pools are used in series, because the charging and discharging current intensity are equal, it is bound to lead to the aging of the old battery, shorten the service life, and the internal resistance of the old battery becomes larger, which is not conducive to the charging of the new battery.

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