UPS Power Supply

UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power SupplyCaloong specialized in UPS power supply. We offer UPS battery system for home & industry, computer &a……


UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

Caloong specialized in UPS power supply. We offer UPS battery system for home & industry, computer & router, 8 hours & 24 hours.

What is UPS Battery?

UPS ( uninterruptible power supply), just as its name implies, utilizes the internal batteries to supply a steady flow of power when power is interrupted, and give the users enough time to save their work. The UPS power backup also act as a surge protector that protects the computer system from fluctuation in external power supply.

Caloong, a flagship brand of ZX Group, supplies ups uninterruptible power supply for computer, router, TV, video games, and medical equipment. The products covers small ups battery backup, online ups power supply, industrial ups system.


Why Chose Caloong UPS Battery?

1.Long service life: Even though the UPS uses the same battery technology, battery life varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is important to users because the cost of replacing a battery is high (about 30% of the UPS selling price)

2.Competitive price: Caloong is a subsidiary of ZX Group. zxferroalloy, a subsidiary of ZX Group, mainly produces raw materials for lead plates. We are equipped with the most advanced equipment, independent production of lead plate.

3.Customized service: Caloong UPS batteries can be customized as per customer requirement. The size, color, logo, voltage, and capacity can be designed as per customer requirement.

4.Caloong factory located in Henan, a production bases of lead acid battery and lithium ion battery. Convenient transportation, policy support, comprehensive service enable us to provide the most cost-effectibe UPS batteries.

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