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Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries developed rapidly. Lithium batteries are widely used in automobiles, solar, mobile phones, motorcycles, and so on. When people buy lithium batteries, they find that some batteries are expensive, and some batteries are cheaper. How much do lithium-ion batteries cost? What factors affect the price of lithium batteries? Let’s start with the components of the lithium battery price.

lithium ion battery
lithium-ion battery

Factors affect the price of lithium-ion battery 

For lithium battery manufacturers, according to the proportion of different factors in forming the price of lithium batteries, the price composition of lithium batteries can be summarized into three factors: battery cells, power management systems, and packaging.

Lithium cell: This is the most important factor in the price structure of lithium batteries. Generally speaking, lithium batteries vary according to brand, material, and capacity.

Lithium battery brand

For the same type of lithium battery, the price of imported brand cells is higher than that of domestic brands, such as Sanyo and Panasonic in Japan, LG, and Samsung in South Korea are higher than Lishen and BAK in China;

lithium battery 100ah 200ah
lithium battery 100ah 200ah

Lithium battery materials

There are also material issues that affect the price of lithium batteries. Among the four major components of a lithium battery, the raw materials of the negative electrode, electrolyte, and diaphragm are basically the same. The major difference in battery manufacturing costs is the use of positive electrode materials. In addition to lithium iron phosphate for power vehicles, the commonly used lithium battery positive electrode Materials include lithium cobaltate, lithium manganese oxide, and ternary materials, among which ternary materials are the most cost-effective.

Lithium battery capacity

Lithium battery capacity is the same as all rechargeable batteries. The larger the capacity, the higher the price of lithium batteries.

Lithium battery power management system

Power management system: generally called protection board, the main part is the protection IC. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, each lithium battery or lithium battery pack has a protection board, but the price of the intelligent protection board that provides powerful protection functions is higher much.

Lithium battery packaging

Packaging: it is the outer packaging, which includes the outer casing and some auxiliary materials (such as wires, etc.), because the outer casing can be divided into two types: aluminum casing and steel casing, and the cost of the steel casing is higher, so other conditions are the same In some cases, the price of steel case lithium batteries is higher.

Knowing the above components of the price of lithium batteries, you will understand that whether the price of lithium batteries is cheap or not is only a relative issue. In addition, there is also a non-rechargeable lithium metal battery or lithium primary battery, which is also a lithium battery, but people generally call it a button battery (because of its button shape), the price difference of this lithium battery is often the brand effect.

Lithium battery for sale  

  1. Confirm the volts and ampere-hours of the product. Due to the different lithium battery material systems, the usage conditions of each country are also different. When confirming the volts with the customer, please confirm with the customer the upper limit voltage, which is the battery voltage after a full charge. For example, the company The standard product voltage is 48V, confirms the upper limit voltage is 54.6V; 60V confirms the upper limit voltage is 71.4V; 72V confirms the upper limit voltage is 84V (there are products with the same nominal voltage of 48V, 60V, and 72V with different upper limit voltages on the market, which are confirmed by the upper limit voltage The specific battery string number and system can be customized according to different upper limit voltages of customers)
  2. Confirm the actual use environment and purpose of the customer’s battery (electric vehicle, energy storage, backup power supply)
  3. Confirm how many watts the battery load power is, so as to calculate the demand for the battery protection board
  4. Confirm the battery casing (lithium batteries are customized products, and the casing is based on the actual needs of customers)