Lithium-Ion Batteries Typically Have A Lifespan Of Several Years?

News 2023年4月13日 138

In most cases, the service life of lithium batteries is between 3 and 5 years, but there are different kinds of lithium batteries commonly on the market now, mainly divided into three-way lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries.

The ternary lithium battery occupies the highest proportion of the market, generally this kind of charge and discharge times of about 800 times, and the lithium iron phosphate battery, theoretically speaking, the charge and discharge times can reach about 2000 times, so it is the longest service life of a lithium battery.

Lithium battery
Lithium battery

Factors affecting the life of lithium battery:

There are many factors that affect the life of lithium batteries, such as the charging method. If the wrong method is used, the service life of lithium batteries may be affected, and even a new battery may need to be replaced in two or three years. And if the correct charging and discharging method is helpful to extend the service life of lithium battery.

There is usually the frequency of electric vehicles, if the frequency of electric vehicles is not very high, then the number of charging will be reduced accordingly, so that the use of lithium batteries will be extended. On the contrary, if the frequency of use is relatively high, the need to charge and discharge every day, then the service life of lithium batteries will be shortened.

If you want to make lithium batteries last longer, you should do a good job of battery maintenance at ordinary times, such as using the right way to charge and discharge, each time should be in the battery inside the battery, the remaining 20% or so to start charging. And use a matching charger when you charge it.

And the charging time is not too long, generally speaking, the lithium battery charging time in 6~8 hours is more suitable, do not plug in the power for a long time to charge, if frequent overcharge is easy to lead to the performance of the battery decline, then the service life will be shortened.

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