Liquid Li-ion Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery New Way

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Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into liquid lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

The liquid lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery have the same working principle. Both charge and discharge are realized through lithium-ion. The lithium ions are inserted into the negative electrode for charging, and lithium ions are deintercalated from the negative electrode for discharge.

lithium ion battery
lithium ion battery

The difference between liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries

1. Differences in materials: In polymer lithium batteries, at least one of the above three basic elements must use polymer materials, for example, the electrolyte solution is replaced by polyacrylic acid, polymethacrylic acid, and other strange things.

2. The difference in electrolyte form: Liquid lithium-ion batteries mostly use liquid organic solvents + conductive salts, while polymer lithium batteries replace these electrolytes with colloids/solids (see the battery model for specific components).

Advantages of Lithium Polymer Battery

lithium ion battery
lithium ion battery

1. Energy density: The greater the energy density, the more capacity per unit volume. Through the improvement of the material/thickness of the negative electrode (anode) and diaphragm, the energy density of the polymer lithium batteries has reached 600Wh/L+.

2. The style can be customized: the polymer lithium battery is easier to be thinner and lighter in shape, and it does not need to be wrapped with a metal protective case, so it is easier to customize into various shapes.

3. Weight: The polymer lithium battery is lighter and thinner.

4. Safety: Under extreme conditions (such as overcharge/high temperature), a lithium battery will undergo a violent chemical reaction inside and generate a large amount of gas. At this time, the liquid lithium battery is wrapped in a metal shell, and the shell will collapse when the internal pressure is quite high. A burst explosion occurs, and the polymer lithium battery is only wrapped with aluminum film (or plastic shell), as long as the internal pressure is slightly higher, it will expand or rupture, and will not cause an explosion. However, it should be noted that both liquid lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries can burn in extreme cases.

5. Cost: In addition to the higher material cost of polymer lithium batteries than liquid lithium batteries, since polymer lithium batteries can be customized more, more costs will be incurred in the process of design and manufacturing, such as various customized Fixtures, testing equipment, etc., lead to higher cost of polymer lithium batteries than liquid lithium batteries with standard/regular shapes.

How to distinguish whether the mobile phone is a liquid lithium battery or a polymer lithium battery?

For the sake of thinness and capacity, the current mobile phones use polymer lithium-ion batteries. Whether it is a soft case like the iPhone or a plastic hard case like Nokia in the past, they all belong to polymer lithium-ion batteries.

What are liquid lithium-ion batteries used for?

Liquid lithium batteries are used in old laptops, toy cars, etc.

How to use polymer lithium battery

In fact, how to protect the polymer lithium battery is relatively simple. We just need not put the mobile phone in high temperatures, and high humidity, and avoid using them in an environment exposed to sunlight.

In addition, lithium batteries should not be overcharged or over-discharged. Because the polymer lithium battery cells in mobile phones are protected by protective plates, they will automatically power off after they are fully charged, so there is no danger of overcharging (if the protective plate is broken, let’s talk about it separately), while using mobile phones It is best not to charge the battery when it is completely exhausted, otherwise it is easy to damage the active material at the two poles of the battery, resulting in a significant attenuation of the battery capacity.

Activation method of polymer lithium battery

The new polymer lithium battery (mobile phone) can be activated as long as it is charged and discharged 3 to 5 times normally, and it does not need to be charged for 12 hours, because the polymer lithium battery does not have a memory effect. Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries are effective. Moreover, with the protection of the protection board, the charging circuit is disconnected after it is fully charged, and you plug in the charger for nothing, and the power cannot reach the battery.

Lithium polymer battery maintenance

If the lithium battery (mobile phone) is left aside for a long time, it is best to keep the battery at about 50% of its capacity, so as to avoid the self-discharge of the lithium battery causing the voltage to be too low, destroying the active materials at the two poles, and resulting in capacity loss. In addition, it should be placed in a dry and cool place, because the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries will be faster in high temperature and high humidity environments.

When it is taken out and used again, it can be reactivated by charging and discharging normally 3~5 times.

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