How long does a lead-acid battery last? What is the way to extend the life of lead-acid batteries?

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In recent years, lead-acid batteries have been used more and more, not only in factories, but also in People’s Daily life. Although the production technology and process of lead-acid battery have been improved in recent years, there are still some troubling problems in the process of continuous use. That is, the life of lead-acid batteries always seems to be so unsatisfactory, for one thing, the life of lead-acid batteries is not up to standard, and in its service life is shrinking very fast.

Life span of lead-acid batteries

General lead-acid batteries can be recycled for up to a year and a half, and good quality lead-acid batteries can even be recycled for up to two years. But generally, the life of lead-acid batteries begins to decline after six months of use. Its power will also be gradually reduced.

lead acid battery
lead acid battery

Causes of reduced service life of lead-acid batteries

1. The charging mode of lead-acid battery is not correct, the charging time is not stable, the charging amount is not complete, the use of incorrect way of daily use will greatly affect the service life of lead-acid battery. Since accurate charging system and proper usage habits can affect the operation of the battery, it is necessary to regulate the charging method.

2 Temperature is another important factor that has great influence on lead-acid batteries. If the temperature is too high, the discharge capacity of the battery will become larger. When the battery is in the state of discharge, if the temperature is not stable, it will affect the normal discharge of the battery. For a long time, it will greatly harm the storage capacity of the battery itself, and also lead to the service life of the battery in a high temperature operation gradually shortened.

3 The size of the internal resistance also affects the battery life. The size of the resistance is inversely proportional to the remaining capacity of the battery. When the remaining capacity of the battery is decreasing, the resistance of the battery is also increasing, which produces a lot of substances at the same time, and the service life of the battery is greatly affected.

Caloong New Energy Co., Ltd
Caloong New Energy Co., Ltd

Methods for extending the service life of lead-acid batteries

1 Develop the correct battery charging method and daily use, to avoid the lack of charging when charging, or cause overcharging phenomenon, but also to reduce the occurrence of excessive discharge behavior.

2 Keep the battery away from high temperature. The optimum operating temperature of the battery is 25 degrees Celsius, and the reasonable temperature of the battery chamber is kept within 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

3 Periodically check the battery and perform capacity tests. Reduce the presence of active substances in the battery and some impurities that affect the battery power.

With the increasing use of lead-acid battery in daily life, people have higher and higher requirements on its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to correct their daily battery use methods and improve the battery use environment. The life of lead-acid battery, working efficiency and so on have a direct impact on People’s Daily life or industrial production, so we have to pay attention to the use of lead-acid battery.

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