Chinese Lead Acid Battery Manufacturer is Expanding the Plant

News 2022年12月12日 126

A seasoned manufacturer of lead acid battery was growing beyond capacity. Sales were three times what they were two years ago and steadily rising. The manufacturer needed to increase production output to meet projected demand.

The new production line has been put into operation in December, and the production capacity of lead-acid battery has been increased to 60,000kwah.  After the establishment of an independent Ministry of Foreign Trade, foreign orders increased significantly.  In order to ensure delivery time, the third phase project is put on the schedule.

lead acid battery
caloong new factory

Current Production Status of Caloong

Caloong New Energy specializes in lead acid batteries. The main products are AGM V lead battery, Gel battery, lead acid car battery, motorcycle battery, golf cart battery, electric vehicle battery, etc.

lead acid battery
lead acid battery

The company has over 3000 employees, more than 100 experienced researchers. It covers an area of 300,000 square meters and has 17 production lines.

Professional Market Analysis

  1. Collect detailed information on existing operations
  2. Recommend an optimal & cost-efficient alternative
  3. Analyze and evaluate viable options
  4. Create an implementation plan
  5. Optimal Recommendation Rationale

Caloong’s New Factory Overview

The new manufacturing building is stationed in Anyang with facility of 20,000 square meters. The new project mainly produces lead and lead alloys as raw materials for lead-acid batteries.

Our independent production of lead plate, greatly ensure the quality of products.  However, the supply and price fluctuations of raw materials caused inconvenience to the production. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials and stable prices, we set up a metal lead and lead alloy factory relying on our advantages in ferroalloy production.

Utilization of the Existing Site

The new plant is equipped with advanced smelting equipment for battery raw materials.  After the completion of the new project, the products can meet the needs of Caloong battery factory.  And has the spare capacity to supply lead alloy for domestic and foreign battery manufacturers.  

Adherence to Cost & Schedule Requirements

Even with significantly increased capacity, materials would move logically throughout the facility, increasing manufacturing efficiency and reducing material-handling traffic.