Automotive lead-acid batteries last several years?Is it better to use maintenance-free batteries in cars?

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Automotive lead-acid battery life

Automotive lead-acid battery can be said to be an indispensable component, it not only provides power for electrical equipment, but also plays a role in protecting electrical equipment. However, some users do not know that car batteries are expendable. As batteries age more and more, they naturally need to be replaced. So, how long does a car lead-acid battery last? How can I determine whether it needs to be replaced? Let’s talk about it today.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of the automobile lead-acid battery is about 2 years, in good condition, even can reach 3 years. Then, when the car battery is more than 2 years old, it needs to be checked frequently to see if there are cracks or leaks on the surface. Secondly, we should also observe some feedback from the car. If the ignition is extremely difficult, or the headlights dimmer significantly, then we need to consider replacing the batteries.

If you want a more durable car battery, we recommend that you buy maintenance-free lead-acid battery (service life of 3-4 years), which not only has the advantages of high performance, long service life and small size, but also because of its own structural advantages, electrolyte consumption is very small, so there is basically no need to worry about water shortage when using. But when we say maintenance-free, it doesn’t really require maintenance. Compared to normal batteries, we just need to worry less about maintenance.

Automotive lead-acid batteries
Automotive lead-acid batteries

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery advantage:

1. do not need to add any liquid;

2. Less corrosion on wiring pile head and wire;

3. Strong resistance to overcharging;

4. Large starting current;

5. Long storage time of electricity.

Maintenance-free battery adopts lead-calcium alloy grid frame, which has less water decomposition and low water evaporation when charging. Coupled with the sealing structure of the shell, the released sulfuric acid gas is also little, so it has the above advantages.

Maintenance-free battery because of its normal charging voltage, electrolyte only a small amount of gas, so in the entire use period without adding distilled water, in the charging system under normal circumstances, do not need to be removed from the supplementary charging. But in the maintenance of the electrolyte should be checked.

lead acid battery
sealed lead acid battery

Lead-acid batteries are used in Marine equipment, cable television, special equipment, emergency lighting systems, backup electrical power supplies, large UPS and computer backup power stations, electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, electric forklifts, railway systems, power stations, electric power systems.

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