Are Lead-Acid Batteries Worth Recycling

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Batteries have a certain service life. After several years of use, the storage capacity of lead-acid batteries will decrease significantly. At this time, we need to replace the batteries.

When the battery is replaced, if it is lead-acid battery, the whole electric vehicle company will recover the high price, just need to replace the new battery with a new way.

The battery has a certain service life, a few years after use, the endurance of the electric vehicle will be significantly reduced, at this time we need to replace the battery, in the replacement of the battery, the original use of the old battery, if it is lead-acid battery, the entire electric vehicle enterprise will be high price recycling, only need to use a new way to replace the new battery.

lead plate
lead plate

Recovery value of lead-acid batteries:

Because recycling the metal lead from lead-acid batteries is not complicated, many small workshops take the batteries apart, recover the metal lead, and then sell the recovered metal lead to the battery manufacturer, profiting from the price difference.

Lead-acid batteries have a high percentage of lead, and a set of lead-acid batteries can recover a large amount of metallic lead. Generally, a 10-kilogram battery can recover 8 kilograms of lead, so dismantling and recycling metallic lead can be a huge profit.

In addition to being able to produce new batteries, there are unscrupulous entrepreneurs who repair or refurbish some of the better quality old batteries and sell them as new batteries.

Some people are willing to recycle lead-acid batteries at a high price, because the profit of lead-acid batteries is huge, behind the whole industrial chain, electric vehicle enterprises can easily see profits after recycling, so electric vehicle enterprises are willing to recycle at a high price.

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