Advantages and development prospects of water-immersed lead-acid batteries.

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Water-immersed lead-acid battery is a common type of battery and one of the most commonly used batteries at present. This paper will introduce the advantages and development prospects of water-immersed lead-acid batteries.

1.The advantages of water-immersed lead-acid batteries

Low price immersed lead-acid battery is one of the cheapest batteries on the market. The cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process of this battery is low, and the production process is simple, so the cost is relatively low.

Easy maintenance immersed lead-acid batteries do not need to be maintained often, only need to do a good job of charging and discharging control. Because of its low self-discharge rate, it does not need to be charged frequently in the case of long-term storage.

Safe and reliable immersed lead-acid battery simple structure, no corrosive gas generation, so in terms of safety is better than other battery types. In addition, because the electrolyte inside is liquid, so the loss of electrolyte will not affect its performance.

lead acid battery advantages
lead acid battery

2.The development prospect of water-immersed lead-acid battery

With the global emphasis on environmental protection and the demand for new energy, the market size of electric vehicles is growing. As the main energy supply of electric vehicle, the market prospect of water-soaked lead-acid battery will also expand.

Growth of the Solar market With the continuous development and application of solar technology, the solar market is getting larger and larger. The water-immersed lead-acid battery, as the main energy storage equipment of solar energy system, will be developed accordingly.

The water-immersed lead-acid battery is also a common energy storage device in the unattended system of the communication base station. With the development of communication market, the demand of water-immersed lead-acid battery will be increasing.

In short, immersed lead-acid battery as a low price, easy maintenance, safe and reliable battery type, its development prospects are broad, the market demand will continue to expand.

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