12V AGM Lead Acid Battery

AGM Battery Meaning AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is an advanced lead acid battery. Compared with traditional batteries (flooded&nb……


AGM Battery Meaning

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is an advanced lead acid battery. Compared with traditional batteries (flooded batteries), AGM 

batteries have with longer service life, higher capacity reliability and stronger low temperature reliability. Because its acidic 

solution is 100% sealed, there is no gas discharge when working, so the damage to the natural environment is small, and the 

hidden danger of battery explosion in the event of an accident is also small.


AGM Battery Applications 12V

    1. UPS lead acid battery
    2. Solar and wind energy storage system
    3. Telecommunication equipment
    4. Alarm systems and signal system
    5. Home energy storage system
    6. Photovoltaic power generation

      AGM Battery Advantages

      l Maintenance free

      l Spill-proof

      l Longer discharging power

      l Long service life

      l Environmental protection

      l    High gas recombination efficieny